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Krumbein Consumer Legal Services, Inc. was formed in 2003 as Krumbein Consumer Legal Services.  We incorporated in 2007, when we merged with Krumbein & Associates, PC.


Krumbein & Associates was formed in 1987 when Charles Krumbein left Heilig-Meyers Corp, and formed a law firm that focused on consumer Bankruptcy in central Virginia.  Mr. Krumbein developed the first self-contained database program that filled out the forms necessary for Bankruptcy, and developed a way in which to be paid for Chapter 13 Bankruptcies through the consumer’s payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee.

As time went on, Jason M. Krumbein, went to work for Krumbein & Associates, and after a relatively short period of time, realized that the people who filed for protection under the Bankruptcy code, were not receiving all the help that they deserved. They had filed for Bankruptcy for the purpose of stopping the collection abuse.  They filed Bankruptcy to avoid paying for accounts that were not theirs.  And after they filed Bankruptcy, they had collectors that would not accept Bankruptcy as a reason to go away.  Then they had credit files that showed that they still owed the money that they had discharged in their Bankruptcy.  They were not getting all that they had paid for. So after several years of research, Jason Krumbein struck out on his own.

Jason Krumbein realized that the  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act could help these people.  So he began suing debt collectors, credit reporting agencies and companies that provide information to credit reporting agencies (commonly called “furnishers of information” or “furnishers”).

Later, Jason Krumbein and Charles Krumbein merged forces, and agreed to work under the banner of Krumbein Consumer Legal Services, Inc, to obtain relief from abusive collection practices, inaccurate credit reporting, and where necessary, file Bankruptcy.


Today, Krumbein Consumer Legal Services provides support to attorneys region wide in litigation of claims in Bankruptcy court, suing creditors and debt collectors for violations of Bankruptcy law, suing for violations of  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as defending consumers from collection lawsuits, and occasional Bankruptcy filings.  Other employees have come on to do work in the areas of trademark, copyright, privacy and Internet issues.

The Lawyers and Staff of Krumbein Consumer Legal Services, Inc. would love to assist you with your problem.

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